I’ve been fairly active in a lot of different spaces online for most of my adolescent and adult life, from Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, to a brief stint in Medium and WordPress. Over the past year I started writing articles, giving talks, facilitating adult education workshops, and occasionally preaching in real life, and people keep asking me if I have a blog. I’ve moved through a lot of different phases in my online life, from blogging about relatively single-issue trans activism, to making YouTube videos about anti-fascism, to branching out into much broader areas of political interest such as social, economic, and climate justice, decolonial solidarity, community organizing, spirituality and recently Christian theology. I needed a new space to flesh out my ideas and share my writing in an organized way, So… Here it is!

I’m not intending this space to have a very strict focus, I’m hoping to post essays about social and political ideas and current events, as well as poetry and personal reflection-type stuff, but I’ll try to give it some semblance of organization. I’m excited to get started!

photo credit Matt Gardner 2019

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