Where do I know you from?

Holding each other in a tent on a rainy morning
This is something we've done before
I followed you here to remember that
I've missed you tremendously

With the glowing face and the straight back
I always recognize you
With the strong hands and soft heart
I always know

Your eyes are shaped like bubbling laughter
I get lost in the revelry
Of this joyful, playful, youthful love
Pulling me out of myself
Asking me to come away with you
I wish this life were longer

I don't feel that we are magnetized to one another
So much as our companionship is the natural rhythm of things
The sun following the moon
The sprouts following the snow
There is no other way it could be

I return here to orbit with you in pleasant synchronicity
Contextualized, potentiated, knowing and known

Waxing to your wain
Humming softly into your chest
Inhaling and exhaling in time.

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